Testing the the Maximal Homosation game on a gathering of friends

 And Oh, how we laughed sooo hard

In an earlier post, I told ya, nice peeps, that we're gonna gather to celebrate and to test the Maximal Homosation game. And folks, I gotta admit that that's exactly what we did ✌👸 If you don't know it earlier, the game is a mini-RPG that I'm currently designing and testing with my Queer friends and very Queer-friendly Queer Ally folks.

Rainbow Colours, bright textures, and whole lotta Fun in good company 

On Friday afternoon, we gathered to the game cabinet of the Bar & Cafe Late-Game to celebrate the birthday of my love partner, who is so much loved by us. And the amount of FUN, Happiness, and JOY, we had... Oh Wow, so Crazeeeeeeee! 😍😃😄😁😀😂😆😅😜😝😛

Let's Play!

The LateGame's Cabinet is apparently turning into our second home, a regular hang-around place for our small family of misfits and muthafokkaahz. The LateGame is just so spacious (two floors divided into smaller sections: the cabinet, gaming corners, the VR space..), themed and dedicated to the old-school gaming (and also catering the new-school gamers!), welcoming in sooo many ways, and run by very caring loving individuals. I recommend this place from the bottom of my Heart!

Let's Play Pingu the Way We Wanna Play it! 

First, we came one by one to the place and chatted, then we ordered some non-alcoholic beverages, drinks, food, and such. When we felt like it, we started to play good old nineties classic board game, called Pingu. Check out the pic above. Oh, how much we laughed!

I cast You as Pingu match winners! 👄👅💖💚💛💜💞💟

Then the last of us found their way to us, and while eating, we explained how the Maximal Homosation mini-ttrpg is played, how the characters aka the Gay Personalities, are developed, and so on. Then, my friends, we played the heck out of the game!

Maximal Homosation playtesting on Action! Fuuuuuuun!

One of the main personalities, called Homosaurus, runs a Lisko-Disco (It's Finnish and means Lizard Disco in English) in the middle of the city called Gayville. It's obviously the main venue for spreading the homosation all over Gayville. Another gay personality in the story works in the hotel and hotel's restaurant in Gayville. The person is also using the place for spreading gayness to one's work colleagues and to the visitors of the hotel.

The infamous Lizard Disco in the middle of the Gayville, and whole lotta gay folks in it 🌈

Personalities of our shared story gathered to the Lizard Disco to dance, to drink, to hang around, to raise some hell throwing some fishes around, turning people gay, eating ice cream, to eat fish, to lick some pussy (a cat person, to may I add), to engage into sexual activities, to make plans, to get a new partner, to drink some more, to end up in fistfights... and so on...

Our magical gay company also gay gassed the hotel restaurant and got some more people to attend to their wild party in Lizard Disco.... and well, everything ended up in a mess, a bit messy, sexy, and to casual obscenity, to a new relationship, and to sex having... Ahh, what an RPG session and what an excellent first test play for the Maximal Homosation RPG. LeGAYndary!!!! 💃👽👼👻👲👰👭👫🙆🙇

Obviously, I skipped a lot of finesse of the storyline, but the main point was: it was fun, the ideas and simple mechanics, story and world ideas were fun to play and effective on the game table when played. The feedback from the test players was amazing, and all the test played people wanted to play the game as soon as possible! I feel so honored and happy as a game writer, designer, and as a person who runs the play session as the Diva and the Master of the Gay Ceremony 👄

The next playtest session of the Maximal Homosation RPG, will be on Friday 30th of July. The next booked test play session is on the 3rd of September, but probably we're gonna play in between, too. By the Way, in the next session, our game personalities may be trying to taking over several other cities, islands, and such. So, maybe Gays on the Boat next time?!? Exciting! KEEP ON GAMING, FOLKS!


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