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Coming Through RPGs is an innovative tabletop RPG and -board-game publisher. Behind the enthusiastic independent label, You can find a very devoted role-playing game designer, writer & publisher Krisse Tuominen.

Being inclusive of autistic people, ADD & ADHD people, the lbtghaiQ+ community, people of color, people with mental health issues, and other communities, is an important goal for me as a publisher. After all, I am myself, for example,  part of the hlbtiQbaiQ+ scene, part of the autistic & ADD community, and I want to show it with no shame. Honestly, I want other people to feel really welcomed when reading and using my material... -Krisse Tuominen, the leader of the Coming Through RPGs and the humble servant of the customer base.

We at ComingThroughRPGs think that both, old-school- and new-school gaming is for everyone! Let's unite and win because together we are stronger! 👭👬👫👽👾

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You can find almost all of the Coming Through RPGs digital publications in DriveThruRPG. Check out the link below. 👈👀 right there!

Check out also the list of all the official digital publications, published in  DriveThruRPG, from Krisse Tuominen (the head of the Coming Through RPGs), including the SWAG licensed products. Link below! 👇

Krisse Tuominen is now creating Fun Funn Funny Funniness also in, so check out her profile there. Link here 👉 👈

Check out also the bi-lingual magazine of Alternative Life-Styles, Role-playing, gaming, humor, and conspiracy theories (whole lots of material, both in English and in Finish), called the Bettah Bodeehschz aka Parempia Ruumiita

Stop shaming; KEEP ON GAMING!

If You are not part of the Solution, You are part of the problem. Let's Unite and Win! 👧✌


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