Tampere Kuplii 2022

Tampere Kuplii Festival is a GREAT comic book Festival

Tampere Kuplii is already a traditional spring festival for me. I was already a steady TK-fest goer when the venue was Finlayson. Now it has been held for ages in Tampere-talo and basically the whole time I've been a familiar face behind the sales desks. I was keeping, with other cool peeps and monkees, a sale table for Tampereen Sarjakuvaseura, Sarjari magazine, and for comic book artist Pekka A. Manninen.

As usual, it was very fun. In good company, even dull things are cool and fun. And great times are even greater. To present, sell and promote, you don't have to be all so serious. It can be fun and relaxed. At least, I honestly think this way.

I saw a whole lotta awesome cosplays. One of the best was the Riddler from the newest Batman. Also one of the Cat-Women was a totally socks-off-knocking GREAT experience. Posed with the Riddler. It was so much FUN.

One of the COOL things, about promoting and selling at festivals, is that you get to see great people. Plus You can sit and relax and people come to you. That's very neat, too.

Me, space pirate and time bandit Pekka, science officer Hannele and a facehugger-faced Gecco

So many giggles, laughter, comical moments, funny faces, joy, and more laughter fitted on a single weekend. Once again in Tampere Kuplii.

One of the nicest things in promoting is having a Great Time with your friends, colleagues, mates, and such. Also customers are usually very nice people and animals.

Kunniavieraana oli tänä vuonna meikäläisen yksi iki-suosikki-idoleistani, Petri Hiltunen. Useita hienoja yhteistyöalbumeitakin tehnyt sarjis-kollega. Zombellaahan tehtiin porukalla, jossa oli mm. mie, Manninen, Hiltunen ja paljon muita cooleja piirtäjiä. 

The Honorary Guest of the Tampere Kuplii Festival of 2002, was Petri Hiltunen. One of my all-time favourites, big influence and a great idol of mine...

Nyttemmin Hiltunen on vaikka kuinka paljon palkittu ja esille tuotu. On säilyttänyt silti hyvin oman höpsismin ja maanläheisyyden. Hyvä niin. Oli kiva jutella sen verran kun hommiltamme ehdimme.

I am pretty sure that I will be attending, once again, the festival the next year, too. And also very safe to say that I'll be selling and promoting there.

See You all next year! Nähdään ensivuonna!


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