Homosatus Illuminatus Maximus -Maximal Homosation (Maksimaalista homosaatiota)

Homosatus Illuminatus Maximus -Maximal Homosation is a very satiric parody game of the really weird prejudices about homosexual people. 

We all know that gay people are not running a huge secret conspiracy that plans to make all the people turn into flaming homosexuals. Despite the obvious facts, some people still act like it's an honest threat to heterosexual society. 

This recent TSR dumpster fire fiasco extravaganza showed the gaming community that there really are people who are aggressively against the human rights of glbtiQah+ people. Even to the tragicomic point where that dimwitted ranting is so hilariously stupid that it's almost funny. Sadly those views are not just outside our gaming community. They are also inside the community.

As a game designer and spreader of tabletop RPG enthusiasm, I wanted to sort of stand to the platform and try to make at least one parodic roleplaying game in the gaming world, where gay people have Divine Gay Powers turning the World into a Gigantic Pride Parade Event. I mean, doesn't it sound fun and exciting? At least to me and to my test audience, thus far, it does!

Homosatus Illuminatus Maximus -the tabletop roleplaying game of the Maximal Homosation 

Game planning & Designing by Krisse Tuominen (Coming Through RPGs) with some idea storming help from Talviina Taurinlortto (Tiim Aappena, the gaming squat). Design commenting and game testing: Talviina, Rebecca, Oscar, Jouna, Oswald, Hecate, Muru, Reeta, Semi, Krisse...

In the fascinating world of the game of  Homosatus Illuminatus Maximus -the Maximal Homosation the playing characters are gay personalities that have Super Powers and Magic aka The Divine Gay Powers. The powers are used to advance a Homosation. In this game, the Homosation is a cool, effective, inspiring, and happy plan to turn the whole world into a huge happy rainbow party. Apparently, the plan is turning to be a very successful one!

On the verge of a Soon-to-be Gay Utopia World, all gay people have all-powerful gay magic, making the world a better place! As a character, you can be a normal basic gay, active gay (aka activist gay), or the greatest of them all, the Gay Mage!

Some Divine Gay Magic Power in action

As a Gay Mage character, You can start the gaming with three Divine Gay Magic Spell Powers, with 1-2 main features, with 2 secondary features, and with three mundane features. The normal basic gay starts with one Divine Gay Magic Spell Power, with 0-1 main features, a 1 secondary feature, and three mundane features. The active gay character begins with one Divine Gay Magic Spell Power, with 2 main features, with 2 secondary features, and with a single mundane feature. All the different kinds of characters start with the main motivation, with a secondary encouragement, and with a lesser drive.

Some Examples of the Oh, so Divine Gay Magic Spell Powers:

* Turn to Gay Spell (turns people to Gay folks)

* Become Harmoniously Gay (this makes gay people harmoniously gay)

* Make Gay Gass -spell (Gay Gass turns people simultaneously to gay people in a large area)

* Gay Luuuv -Spell (Quite Self-Explanatory, ain't it?)

* Glamorously Gay Glitter Gay Cloud (This surrounds the person with Magical Gay Glitter Cloud)

* Perfectly Dandy (This gives a person a perfect sense to clothe oneself in the most dashing manner)

* Gay Charisma (aka Very Striking Essence)

* Gay Info Spell (Casts a Lot Gay Info very fast)

* Shared Collective Gay Consensiouness (Gives a shared gay collective Consensiouness to the group)

Gay Gass on action

* Make A Wonderfully Gay Potion (aka make super quality cologne)

* Homo-Lighthouse (Makes a Person shine like a Lighthouse to every gay peep on surrounding areas)

* Fag Hag Signal (Sends a very strong signal to Fag Hags on surrounding areas)

* Fashion Guru -spell (Quite Self-Explanatory, ain't it?)

* Homo Passion (Very Passionate Gay Passion Spell)

* Dispel Homophobes - spell (dispels homophobes) 

Gotta underline strongly that this game currently in-the-making, is not any kind of parody of gay people, in any way. Quite the contrary! This game is by Queer folks and for the Queer folks. Requested, Planned, Designed, commented, playtested, played, and all in all: done by the Queer folks for the other queer folks.

This game mocks and parodies many of the very stupid and stereotypic views said about the hlbtgiQa+ people. The game obviously makes a parody of prejudices, conspiracy theories, and such that insist (against all reason, reasoning, and evidence) that hlbtgiQa+ people are somehow against heterosexuals, cis-people, and such. Those absurd accusations just can't be taken seriously and that kind of foolery should be called out as bigoted diluted misinformation white noise, that should have a mild entertainment value if any.

This game plays with the silly ideas about the so-called homosation and about the other queer-dissing conspiracy rants. It takes them in the firm grip, twists them in a good queer way, spices them up with humor, silliness, and raw gayness. And then my lovely queer folks, the game delivers the end result for the audience with a smirk and a tongue deep in cheek.

At least to us, game makers, our gaming group, and our friends (queer folks plus true queer allies) this is an important, funny, refreshing, and even healing game. The game that we felt, just had to be done. Hopefully, it will mean as much to you, too. Hopefully, we will be successful in turning something terrible spread by bigots, into something heartwarmingly funny, empowering, and enjoyable. At least, the feedback so far has been more than great.

The game mechanics will be as light, simple, free formative, and easy to learn as possible, so the game will be fast to pick up, to learn, to play, and to have fun with. And to make any kind of character you are willing and wanting to play. This game is about out, proud, and loud Queer folks with magic powers so unnecessary rules would be just on the way of fun having. 

The game story is about these aforementioned magical folks, their communications, interactions, and them conquering the world with joyful playfulness and kindness. No need for lots of rules. All You really need is a few of your friends, your imagination, willingness to play, and some rules and rulings to guide you. 

We want to keep the game very affordable, so it'll be a mini-game that's being sold and distributed digitally. We will once again use the services of DriveThruRPG because it's the biggest digital RPG distributor in the world. And it has proven to be very gltbiQa+ friendly, and therefore used by many queer game designers, writers, artists, producers, and publishers.

We have a parodic approach towards making the Homosatus Illuminatus Maximus -Maximal Homosation mini-RPG-game, but we are more than dead-serious making it. We try to make as good game as possible. Gotta thanx all the thanx, support, and the ideas that we have already got from our fans, playtesters, contributors, and the gaming community. 

Creative Commons License: OSR For All Logo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Get the logo from there -> https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/305054/OSR-For-All-Logo 

We will be telling more about the game on this blog, on our publishing page and the end-product will be out through our DriveThru pages. Keep on Gaming Gay Fantasy!


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