Ooooh Happines, Oooh Joy!

 Happy Happy Joy Joy!

This is me wearing my killer looks ;-) (pun intended)

Today we celebrate modestly my Love Partner's Birthday. We have a quiet corner in the burrow of Bar & Cafe LateGame. It's a game-themed old-school-gaming place. In LateGame You can enjoy tabletop-roleplaying games, card games, board games, and whole lotta other games. You can play console games with eg. Nes, Snes, Ps 1 & 2, Sega Mega-Drive, and other vintage and retro consoles. You can even play flippers in Bar & Cafe Late-Game. And if you're into old-school or new-school computer gaming, you can play there with those, too.

Bar & Cafe LateGame is also a very abghiltQ+ friendly place, and the food and the drinks are ranging from very cheap to very moderate priced. So there are many reasons why we have chosen the LateGame as our regular gathering & hangout place. When we play, it's usually on LateGame. It just feels like home for us.

This sounds like an encounter, campaign idea, or a friendly invite to hang out with my friends

Like I blogged yesterday, we will spread, I mean, play Maximal Homosation today. It is a mini-game, currently under the process of making, that we shall test play today. We have been dipping and dappling with the queer- and homosation for a while. Now it just seems a good idea to make it. 

Last Saturday we sat down with my very queer friend of mine and I wrote the basic ideas, made the rules and some rulings. We made a list of gay magic spells together and talked about what is ethical and what is not. We want the game to be funny and satiric but we do not want it to be plain mean, sardonic nor anything that would hurt the gay community. 

We made a character for my friend and felt good about what we achieved. A fun base for a funny queer game. After that, I showed the material to another very queer friend who commented and liked the stuff. My love partner also heard the material and commented very excitedly.

After the first round of comments, I continued the weekend and this week to better the material. Added some stuff, took a bit away. Today we shall celebrate my darling's birthday and of course, we play this queer as folk -game together with our very queer friends. Obviously doing it in a very queer(friendly) place.

I am very happy that people outside our gaming group(s) (eg. in OSR gaming FB-group) have been showing their honest interest and excitement about this and another queer game I'm currently working on. I am even happier that these game ideas and game development make my love partner to cheer, smirk, smile, laugh, and interact with the creative process. 👸🙋😻🙏 And today we shall lay the Maximal Homosation the first time. Ahh. I can feel the pages of history rattle on their cages 👧👩💁👼👽👾💇💆💪😎



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